COVID-19 Safety Plan

Blueprint is excited to be presenting our inaugural show in person,

and we are committed to keeping you safe!

With Blueprint 2021 just around the corner, onsite safety is top of mind.

Blueprint 2021 will be a fully vaccinated event. This means:
  • All attendees - including speakers and sponsors - will be required to affirm they are fully vaccinated.

  • In order to pick up a badge, all attendees will be asked to agree to the following, “As an attendee of Blueprint 2021, I affirm that at least two full weeks have passed after the final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or by the equivalent authority in my country of residence.”

  • No badge will be issued to anyone who has not affirmed.

Additional Safety Information:
  • Masks - Beginning July 30th face masks are mandatory indoors in Las Vegas, but we hope they will be optional by the time of our event. Regardless, masks will be welcomed and provided.

  • Social Distancing - While we don't have formal social distancing requirements, we encourage common sense; to that end, our show will feature wide aisles, designated walk lanes, alternative seating layouts, and more self service event features

  • Sessions - We will be monitoring and limiting attendance of sessions to ensure each person has the appropriate space and to avoid accidental crowding. Overflow seating will be made available.

  • Lunch - We will be enforcing social distancing while in the lunch line. One person at a time will be allowed at any station. There will be no self service of food. Additionally, grab and go lunch boxes will be set up for those who prefer it.

  • Mitigations - Being in proximity to others is both beneficial and unavoidable. We will design as many mitigations as possible, e.g., the Kick-Off Party and After Party will take place outside. In other words, where we can do so without negatively impacting the reason for us getting together, we will.

  • For more information, please see our Safety Knowledge Base.

Currently Registered Attendees:
Please check your inbox for your affirmation link.

Those Not Yet Registered:
Those not yet registered for Blueprint will be asked to affirm as part of registration.

Our COVID Safety Plan may change. Please bookmark this page and check back for our most up-to-date safety plan.
Be safe, and we look forward to seeing you this October!