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Let's revisit the concept of 'True Digital'. If we consider digital as rethinking the relationships between information, people, and processes given new and evolving capabilities —it means designing human-centered experiences and workflows across channels, leveraging existing and new data sources and analytics along with the unique capabilities of mobile to streamline processes and improving user experiences. Sapiens Digital suite enables your operation to become 'True Digital' by cutting through the noise & envision, design and deliver smarter customer experiences. Together we'll re-imagine your customer experience and insurance with the right tools and powered by data and technology. We are combining digital strategy, data and analytics, experience design, and platform implementation expertise to deliver end-to-end customer experience capabilities. The digital economy is growing bigger, faster than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in it.

Colleen Wells VP Global Digital Product Strategy, Sapiens
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Speaker Name Speaker Title, Company

Original Air Date October 5th, 2021